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Ghana Weather and Climate

Ghana's climate is tropical, but temperatures vary with season and elevation. The eastern coastal belt is warm and comparatively dry. The southwest corner, hot and humid, while the north, hot and dry. There are two distinct rainy seasons in the south between May and June and in the north August-September although the rainy seasons tend to merge. A dry, north easterly wind, the Harmattan, blows in January and February. Annual rainfall in the coastal zone averages 83 centimetres (33 in). The average annual temperature is about 26oC (79oF)

This type of climate gives a landscape of lush'us green plants, trees, grasses, mountains and forests, and this scenery can be experienced throughout the country. See some of the pictures in our gallery to see this.

Current Weather TODAY in Ghana

Weather and Climate throughout the year

The following table shows the sorts of temperatures which can be found in Accra, the capital city for each month of the year.

Month Average High Average Low Average Precip.
January 87 77 0.6
February 88 79 1.1
March 88 79 2.2
April 87 79 3.5
May 86 78 5.3
June 83 76 7.8
July 81 75 2.0
August 80 74 0.7
September 82 75 1.7
October 84 76 2.5
November 87 77 1.3
December 86 77 0.8


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