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Predicting Tides in Ghana

Prediction of tides are only relatively accurate, tides are affected by weather and in particular wind direction and strength.

Tide prediction next 7 days

This uses the UK Admiralty Easy Tide system, that provides a free prediction of the next 7 days without signing in and more of you do.

Going along the coast from west to east

Abidjan entrance ( n Cote D'Ivoire, next west of Ghana


Dix cove



Cape Coast



Ada Panya (Riverside)

Lome (Togo. next east of Ghana)

Longer term predictions

About 5 days to start, but you can lower down the page get a month or even a year prediction as well as changing the start date.

Tip:- look at variation between the points in the tables above and Takoradi, and use this with the Takoradi data below to get longer term predictions for other places

Takoradi, Ghana

Ana Chaves, Ghana

World map of tidal prediction 


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