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Clicking on any of the above rates takes you to a calculator for the selected currencies , you can put figures into either side of the calculators. -GHS  This calculator opens in a new window, UK pounds are under Pounds Stirling. Just enter the number of Ghanaian Cedi and press 'convert' at the top to see the value in many other currencies as well as gold, silver etc. You can also enter a value in any currency box and press convert at the bottom and it converts this to all the other currencies including GHS at the top.

Cornmill GBP

Cornmill GBP to USD and others

The Cedi (GHS)

The local currency is the Ghanaian Cedi (GHS), this underwent a revaluation a few years back and you will find many places and people still talking in terms of the old cedi, rather than the new, with a lot of confusion occurring. Most transactions in the country are done using the local currency, although some, including car hire and some hotels quote prices in US$, and some of these can take US$. You can convert UKú and US$ to Cedi's in the country, but the most cost effective and easiest way to get them is to pull them from a cash dispenser (ATM), and you will find these in most towns and cities. Most are Visa machines, a far smaller number will take MasterCard. There is a daily limit per card, so you may want to take more than one Visa debit card or credit card with you, particularly if going further north where there are few towns. There is a guard on each machine and I had no problem with getting currency this way.


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