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Hans Cottage Botel Cottage
in Cape Coast Crocodiles

Botel, Ghana

Location Guide

The Hans Cottage, Botel is a restaurant on stilts in a large manmade pond or lagoon, that crocodiles and turtles inhabit together with a range of birds.

Off the side of this, on solid ground is a hotel. The hotel is a little expensive compared to many others in Ghana. This varies from houses and suites down to economy hostel accommodation and camping. They also have a modestly priced Hotel in Accra, not far from the airport, and an air-conditioned minibus that can run group trips in the central part of Ghana, probably not up to Mole, for details on both of these see their website detailed below.

The lagoon is the home of crocodiles, that are normally visible in evenings when feeding, and turtles. There are  a lot of birds, including white birds that are/or similar to Cattle Egrets, Purple Herons, and a large colony of Weaver Birds with their nests around the lagoon, including some only feet from the restaurant. The best time to see crocodiles is in the evening and the best tome to see the Weaver and other birds is in the morning, so an overnight stay here may be the solution. If you are lucky you may also see visiting monkeys that include the Lesser Spotted-Nosed monkey and Patas monkeys.

I visited at the wrong time of day, just after midday, saw one crocodile, and some birds.

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Location: Hans Cottage Botel Cottage in Cape Coast Crocodiles, Botel, Ghana

Map Reference: Country/region: Ghana

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Getting there: Located 4km north of Cape Coast and 12km south of Kakum Rain Forest National Park, you go past a sign to it on the main road from Cape Coast to Kakum

Access: Through access gate from road.
Other Useful Websites:
Address: PO Box 1240, Cape Coast, Ghana
Postcode: Telephone: 233-042- 91456/91457
Opening Times:

Charges: None, if you stay or eat in the restaurant. There is a security man in a uniform that looks like a British police uniform who opens the gate and stands to attention and salutes, but also collects a fee from those who visit and are not otherwise customers.

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