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Ghana is the ideal country for photographers from around the world to gain experience and presents a safe and pleasant way to discover Africa.

Ghana is a great country for photographers, its politically stable, safe and its people extremely friendly. Its official language is English and it is widely spoken. It provides most of the flavours of Africa, with coastal, wildlife, heritage, waterfalls, and people to photograph. Colour is everywhere from street side to markets. It offers beaches, lakes, and inland opportunities.

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Ghana has no single headline attraction, there is no single image, attraction or place that could be said to represent Ghana and because of this it is often overlooked by those looking to travel. There is only one guide book published, few maps and in many ways you are more of an explorer here, often venturing off the track that tourists normally tread. It's a missed opportunity with wide open beaches, and real wildlife reserves as opposed to fenced farms.

Ghana like many developing countries is in a state of change, with examples of older ways of life, older traditions still practiced, but at the same time transportation and mobile phones just about everywhere, however you could, if you wished still find mud hut villages in areas that saw a car perhaps twice a year. It has oil, gold, is one of the major cocoa producers, but much of its population are still not in education, and living on under $3 a day. In December 2008 I found a number of state employed tourism guides earning 100 GHS a month, about 53.78.

By devoting a sub-web to Ghana we are able to do more than we could within a section, and it is our intention to expand this over time.

The articles from the bar on the left and from the articles section provides most of the information you will need as a visitor to this country, within the locations section, further divided by topic, is far more information on individual places you can visit.

Costs within Ghana are very reasonable with something for everyone, you can find accommodation at well under 10 a night and also have a meal for two including drinks for about the same. Transport within the country is also plentiful and economic, allowing you to explore Ghana on a very low budget, far less than you could do within the UK, even allowing for the cost of getting there. On the other hand if you prefer the VIP service, then a personal guide, 4wd car and more is affordable, and less than you would pay on a package holiday elsewhere.  Camera Images have researched, visited many of the places we have featured and have put a VIP+ training package together, that includes just about everything except the air fare.

You can get to Ghana from the UK for under 200 plus taxes.


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