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Getting to Ghana

You have two choices, overland from another country or flying into Accra. Although Ghana has a number of airports only Accra is an international airport. Technically I suppose you could also come by sea, but its not a route I have seen promoted.

Driving across land from the north involves crossing the Sahara desert. You may also need to go through a lot of countries and therefore need a lot of visas.

From the UK there are direct flights to Accra or you can have one or more stops along the way. Direct flights will usually be quicker but may be more expensive. As flight costs are often quoted excluding taxes, you do need to check the lowest direct and lowest via a stop, both with taxes included, to be able to compare them. You will also find that prices vary by day of week you intend to travel, by lead time and in a variety of other ways, so if you have the opportunity look at alternatives.

Accra airport (Kotoko International Airport = KIA) is not large, and I don't think it has air conditioning. The night I left all international departures were through a single gate, with a loud TV playing a football match, making the right flight out of the five or six collected together was difficult for some. A Ghana government site says it has 170 weekly passenger airport movements across 25 airlines, going to 36 international locations.

On arrival those waiting for people, including cars that are from a hotel to collect you, have to wait outside the arrivals hall, although there are a few others who may approach you within it.


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