Ghana in West Africa provides a pleasant, safe, and economic  way for the photographer to discover the best of Africa.

Ghana has no headline attraction, but a wealth of photographic opportunities including coastal with hundreds of miles of unspoilt Atlantic beaches and coastline, lakeside including a large lake created by a meteor and the worlds largest artificial waterway.

Heritage opportunities include most of the castles and forts in Africa, and ancient mosques plus a range of festivals and more.

Landscape features include views, seascapes, and a number of waterfalls. A treetop walk takes you through the canopy of a rain forest over 120feet above the ground.

There are a range of wildlife opportunities, where the animals are truly wild not in farm parks, however this does mean that they cannot always been seen, some of the parks being very large.

The stars however are the friendly people, and you will come away remembering the happy and friendly people you have encountered, many with no wealth, and some living in mud huts with none of the modern amenities and household or entertainment items we take for granted.

On this portal you will find:-

  • Information on visiting Ghana, and other background information
  • Articles on aspects of Ghanaian life
  • Location guides to some of the places you could visit
  • Listings of attractions by type
  • A listing of festivals by month
  • A report on the visit by Camera Images to Ghana
  • Galleries of photographs showing you some of what you could see
  • All indexed
  • More being added regularly

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